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Harvard Forest: Research Experiences for Undergraduates

In summer of 2016, I interned with Harvard Forest through the National Science Foundation’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program. Under the direction of Professor Dave Kittredge, my co-researcher and I conducted online surveys and in-person interviews with local landowners to better understand their views on climate change and their land management practices. Using publicly available databases, I identified ideal study participants, contacted them on behalf of Harvard Forest, organized meetings in their homes or places of choice, and conducted interviews. For analyzing the data, I transcribed and coded the interviews. My research concluded with my co-researcher and I presenting our findings to faculty, staff, and fellow interns. 

Click here to access my blog post about my research.


MA Book Publishing, Latinx Children’s Picture Books

As part of completing my MA in Book Publishing at Portland State University, I dove into the world of Latinx children’s picture books. I analyzed consumer reviews from books from Con Todo Press, Veoleo, and Del Alma Publications in order to better understand what consumers like and dislike in these books. My hope is that my research contributes to the ongoing efforts of small, independent presses to diversify children’s books.

BA Communication, Minor in Social Justice

I collaborated with a fellow Communication student to conduct an ethnographic study of the community and culture in an all-male dormitory. Our study included attending and participating in dorm events, interviewing select dorm residents, and analyzing our positions as women and fellow students conducting this research. This research was done as part of the completion of my BA in Communication from the University of Portland.

The same year I conducted an ethnographic study of participants at a local food share where members volunteered their time in exchange for food donated by local stores and the Oregon Food Bank. I observed participants while working alongside them and receiving food benefits. This research was done as part of my completion of my minor in Social Justice. 



Regional Arts & Culture Council

Approximately every five years the Regional Arts & Culture Council works with Americans for the Arts to conduct an Arts & Economic Prosperity study. As a survey associate, I researched local arts and cultural organizations, coordinated visits to their public events, and engaged event goers with the study through paper and online surveys. I utilized Google Drive and Microsoft Teams to regularly communicate with RACC staff and to enter data related to events at which we surveyed.