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Karina L. Agbisit

Writer, Editor, Researcher


Meet Me

I am from the blazing red and vibrant orange of desert sunsets, the silhouette of faraway hills and mountains dividing land and sky; from summers of bike rides and cold creeks and late-night talks in my grandmother’s trailer. 

I am from fingertips toasted by flipping tortillas on the comal, a childhood of tíos and tías dancing to ranchera music; from the heavy weight of expectations that come with being mija, the eldest, a future matriarch. 

I am from walks in the rain to book-filled tea houses and discount days at thrift stores; from weekend hikes through the moss (and vampire) filled forests of the Pacific Northwest after a week of city commutes.

My story is multitudes and so is yours. The throughline in mine is my role as an advocate. As an editor, I support your vision for your creative work, using feedback as a tool to help you get closer to your goals. As a writer, I tell the stories of lives on the periphery, of people and places I feel more people should know about. As a researcher, I aim to build knowledge and contribute to solutions for my communities. 

Let’s Connect!

 Potential employers, UP and PSU alumni, folks interested in getting into the publishing industry, and fellow wordsmiths — I’d love to connect and start a conversation on LinkedIn. 

Email me: karinalagbisit (at) gmail (dot) com